About us

Project Light offers decorative light fixtures of the highest quality at a great price.
We continue to grow as a premier choice for architects, designers, lighting showrooms, and purchasers for manufacturing of custom light fixtures.We are specified and approved with Starwood, Marriott and Hilton.
Project Light has provided lighting for thousands of four and five star hotels as well as restaurants, casinos, and homes.We can work to design any lighting you desire.
Statement of Sustainability Commitment
Act Responsible, Think Sustainable.
Project Light Inc. is dedicated to the continuous improvement of its social, economical and environmental impacts. These aspects comprise the framework for our sustainability through a diverse approach that takes into consideration much more than just Project Light’s direct stakeholders and profitability. We believe that we have the opportunity to help create a sustainable future and make the community a better place for our families and children for years to come. At Project Light we demonstrate responsible behavior in everything we do, and hope to engage our stakeholders in having a positive impact in the places where we live and work.
In order to achieve our sustainability initiative, we have developed an economically feasible framework that outlines our action plan and strategy.

Success lives in Strategy

Project Light’s concept of sustainability is more than just another ‘green initiative’. It embodies our overall operation and seeks to drive innovation, achieve economies of scale, organizational growth and continuous improvement with the following goals:
1. Health and Safety: To provide our employees with the skills needed to maintain and secure a safe work environment.
2. Community: To establish a gracious community inside Project Light Inc. and to encourage our workers to participate in their communities.
3. Environment: To reduce our waste, water, and carbon footprint while at the same time manufacturing products that help our customers meet these same goals.
4. Service and Products: To continuously improve our service and provide lighting products that exceed our customer’s expectations.
Environmental Policy Statement
Project Light Inc. is committed to the reduction of pollution and improvement of manufacturing process that may have a negative effect on the environment. Our company continuously improves and implements protocols, sustainable materials and products that avoid, reduce, or manage pollution including: recycling, efficient use of resources and responsible waste management.
We are proud of our efforts to make environmental management an essential part of doing business and value the opportunity we have to reduce our environmental footprint to preserve the environment for generations to come. Not only do we seek environmental efficiencies in our manufacturing but as well in the use of our products. Our lighting fixtures support LED bulbs, which reduce energy consumption for our customers as well as reduce landfill waste due to their extended lifespan compared to older technologies.
As an organization we set feasible goals, and realize they can only be achieved through structured systems. Project Light’s Environmental Committee is committed to continuously finding ways to reduce our Carbon footprint year after year.